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The Dutch in the Caribbean World, c. 1670-c. 1870

Marijcke Schillings, Han Jordaan, Henk-Jan van Dapperen and Gerrit Knaap (jaar van publicatie: 2013)

This website offers a research tool in two parts: a) a guide to archival sources on the Dutch colonies in the Caribbean World and b) a summary of the relevant laws and regulations of the period.

The guide to archival sources covers collections in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Curaçao, Suriname and Guyana, especially those that might contain information about slavery and multicultural relations. The summary of the relevant laws and regulations is mainly based on the published West-Indische Plakaatboeken, edited by J.Th. de Smidt in cooperation with J.A. Schiltkamp and T. van der Lee, and the nineteenth-century Gouvernementsbladen and Publicatiebladen for Suriname and the Antilles.